CSA program

What is a CSA Program?

Community Supported Agriculture is a commitment between local farmers and their community that provides a direct and intimate means of building relationships within the local food system.

Purchasing a CSA share means that you are sharing in the risks that come along with farming, such as crop loss due to flooding, pests, or disease. However, we want our customers happy, so we will always do whatever we can to make up for loss, should it ever occur.

When you sign up for a CSA box, you are commiting to the full farming season and all of its ups and downs. You are providing your local farmer with income at the start of the season so that they can commit to delivering you a weekly box of produce throughout the year.

We offer 2 sizes of CSA share - for more info or to purchase

We are happy to make payment arrangements! Please email info@soilandshovel.com